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This is how the-big-outside looks right now! -And I was convinced Spring was on it’s way…


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    Suzie January 27, 2010

    Oh wow! Thats quite a snow storm!
    Really awesome photo, I would love it as a card actually! :)
    I hope you are being careful out in the snow in your condition!

  2. Reply
    lina January 27, 2010

    yikes! crazy cool : )

  3. Reply
    trinsch January 27, 2010

    oi, that looks pretty. and oh so cold! kind of wish i could have it for a little while. it’s crazy this year in denmark, huuh? it’s been almost one and a half month covered in snow. cannot remember it ever was white for that long.

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    Alice January 28, 2010

    Oh wow! that is pretty intense. It never snows where I am from. I’ve only been in the snow 3 times in my life. I wonder how cold does it get over there?

  5. Reply
    Sophia Maria January 28, 2010

    I was the same here yesterday, absolutely awful. And bloody cold! I miss summer :-)

  6. Reply
    Stéphanie January 28, 2010

    I adore snow !

  7. Reply
    bba January 28, 2010

    Great picture looks exactly like a
    Poul Fischer painting.

  8. Reply
    Linda January 29, 2010

    Lige nu ser det hele noget mere gråt og sjappet ud fra mit vindue. Men smukt var det:)

  9. Reply
    greenlaundry January 31, 2010

    OH MY! It looks crazy!!!!

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