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Stillinge strandstillinge strandStillinge strandStillinge strand   brinja


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    Celena March 16, 2015

    That is so sweet! My youngest son’s little house is still hidden by snow :( You are giving me hope!

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      Brinja March 17, 2015

      oh gosh, still snow there :( I cross my fingers for some spring in your direction.

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    Pjèr March 17, 2015

    House on stelts is looking well occupied!
    BTW, How are Granny O & Gramps on Samso?
    I just wondered, as I read they’ll have royal visitors this Wednesday.

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      Anne Grethe Olsen March 17, 2015

      We are fine, thank you. We are not particularly into royalty, so we stay away. But one of the kindergartens have made a huge bunch of princess’ crowns, so others enjoy it a lot.

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        Brinja March 17, 2015


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        Pjèr March 18, 2015

        Hey Anne,
        Nice to hear fom you. Your reply has a very typical effect though.
        Seems like a fctional character coming alive…
        “seems” as you’re obviously very much alive and kicking/knitting/making your own energy on Samso.
        Ah anyway, they made our media looking more closely at your sustainability.
        And I suppose there’s a bunch of businesspeople in tow.
        Fortunately your island seems big enough to avoid the commotion… ;o)

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    geeske March 18, 2015

    I welcom spring a lot!

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    Ageeth March 18, 2015

    I love the red cheeks of Kornelius!

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