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Step into my office

From today I am the proud owner of my very own workshop/studio/office/atelier…. It’s placed right across the street from where I live. I am ecstatic!!! I have been looking so much forward to telling you, but I had to be sure it came through before I wanted to reveal anything.


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    Keatley&Co. March 1, 2011

    Wow you are so lucky! I would love to have my own place to work, without making a mess of my house ;)

  2. Reply
    amanda jane March 1, 2011

    wow! this is fantastic. Congrats!

  3. Reply
    sigga March 1, 2011

    Sejt, tillykke. Det ser cool ud.

  4. Reply
    Edmée March 1, 2011

    cool! excited to see what you’ll make of it :)

  5. Reply
    Hildur March 1, 2011

    Tillykke :-)
    Det ser fedt ud!

  6. Reply
    Carly March 1, 2011

    Congratulations!!! So exciting… I have also been looking for a studio/work space. Yours looks lovely, so much sunlight!

  7. Reply
    Lina på C´est la vie March 1, 2011

    Tillycke! :-)

  8. Reply
    Dionne March 1, 2011

    Congratulations! Perfect on such a short distance. Nice and light space.
    (I really think I should plan a trip to Kopenhagen…)

  9. Reply
    Miss Maybe March 1, 2011

    Tillykke. Det ser spændende ud.

  10. Reply
    maria March 1, 2011

    wow, the place looks amazing! congrats:)

  11. Reply
    Katrine Ny March 1, 2011

    Aj hvor spændende! Tillykke!
    Glæder mig til at se mere, når du er rykket rigtigt ind. :)

  12. Reply
    Emily March 2, 2011

    Congratulations! It’s a lovely space.

  13. Reply
    Maria March 2, 2011

    Wauw! Det ser da fantastisk ud. Tillykke :-)

  14. Reply
    Jane March 2, 2011

    How exciting! This is going to be such an awesome step for you, congratulations!!!

  15. Reply
    Jutta March 2, 2011

    Oh my, it looks like an amazing place! Congratulations!

  16. Reply
    Sara March 2, 2011

    Fedt Brinja! Så kan produktionen gå i gang i rolige omgivelser :)

  17. Reply
    gitte March 2, 2011

    TILLYKKE! Hvor er det bare sejt:)

  18. Reply
    bumblebeesandgardenpeas March 2, 2011

    Excellent! Congratulations.

  19. Reply
    Mandy March 2, 2011

    I love it … what a great space and I can imagine how great it will look when you have finished with it !!!

  20. Reply
    PolkaDot Lighthouse March 2, 2011

    Lucky you! Looks like an excellent space and doubtless you’ll have it looking lovely in no time. Love your blog by the way and Vilja’s cute expressions :)


  21. Reply
    tschitschi March 2, 2011

    wow, tillykke med det!

  22. Reply
    Lea March 2, 2011

    i’m looking foward to see it after you put your hands on it :) congratulations!

  23. Reply
    Henriette March 2, 2011

    Yay, can´t wait to see what you will do with the amazing space!

  24. Reply
    judy March 2, 2011

    i’m looking forward to seeing what you make of it!

  25. Reply
    Stine Marie March 3, 2011

    Yeeey that is so fantastic!! Congratultions, what a dream come true:):)

  26. Reply
    kristi March 3, 2011

    oh congrats!
    i believe that every creative woman needs a workspace of her very own.
    i have one. and i love having a place to go to let my creative life take shape.
    looking forward to seeing you soar to new heights!

  27. Reply
    Jessica March 4, 2011

    Hello Brinja! Your studio looks fantastic! Good luck for all your plans.I love all the beautiful things on your blog, so good that you are going make even more! Jessica

  28. Reply
    søt March 4, 2011

    Congratulations and good luck! It has a lot of potential and I’m sure it will look great when it’s finished!

  29. Reply
    Lotte March 6, 2011

    Ajjjj…Cool…Det er godt at komme ud af huset…Har næsten lige selv lejet mig ind i et atelier hos veninde…hvor jeg kan male og ikke tænke på opvaske…mad…o.s.v….Blir supernice :) Tillykke

  30. Reply
    Guido March 6, 2011

    Congrats, from Holland. The space only needs a bit more Brinja…

  31. Reply
    maria March 13, 2011

    oh my what a great space…I am very happy for you..how exciting

  32. Reply
    sabine March 14, 2011

    · { hvor ser det COOL ud } ·

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