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Your comments in my last blogpost have been overwhelming for me to read. THANK YOU once again for ‘being there’… I know that I rarely get around to reply to all of you but I have read your words and thoughts over and over again…they have made me fell much better.

During all these huge changes in my life it has been difficult for me to ‘just blog’ as I used to do… somehow my everyday-situations changed so radically that suddenly everything I felt like sharing needed a longer explanation. I guess I couldn’t find the words -or the courage to write them down.

1: Vilja and I in our new appartment. 2: A beautiful flower growing in the streets of my new hood. 3: My sweet friend Gitte helping out in the shop. 4: Noodle-salad for Vilja and I.

See you soon. -b


  1. Reply
    Julie June 20, 2013

    Lovely pictures! Changes are an opportunity for making things better, good luck!

  2. Reply
    Miriam June 20, 2013

    happy to hear from you :)in german we call this flower “pfingstrose”. best wishes, m

  3. Reply
    Celena June 20, 2013

    So glad you are still here! Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. Reply
    Valerie June 20, 2013

    So nice to read you again… and see those great smiles ! Watching the third picture I wonder if you’ve already closed your shop (I don’t read danish)… Kobenhavn is on my holiday trip plan for the summer. Changes are a nice way to improve life and relations. Good luck Brinja ! Bye from France

  5. Reply
    Rose June 21, 2013

    Good to hear from you again!

  6. Reply
    Jutta June 21, 2013

    Such a nice picture! And you’re looking so lucky!

  7. Reply
    daisy June 21, 2013

    Good luck, Brinja and Vilja!
    I’m so happy to hear from you again !

  8. Reply
    Ineke June 22, 2013

    Very nice to see you are doing well and you know, time changes everything …………

  9. Reply
    Michelle June 22, 2013

    I would like a recipe for the noodle salad, please! It looks so nourishing!

  10. Reply
    Jessica June 22, 2013

    Happy to hear from you! Beautiful flower. It’s good to look at the beautiful, simple little thinks. They are always there, no matter how difficult life seems to be. They can safe the worst day. Jessica

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