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Stomach update!

My sister and I are both pregnant. Our due date is only one day apart! -It’s me on the left.


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    lisakjellerød January 29, 2010

    Such a lovely picture! Its amazing that you are both having a baby so close together! Have a lovely weekend….

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    lina January 30, 2010

    what a perfect picture!

  3. Reply
    yukes January 30, 2010

    wow, that’s so exciting to have due dates so close!

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    Kristina January 30, 2010

    Guuuuud hvor fedt!
    Tillykke med det og hvor ER I fine ;o)

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    mette/ungt blod January 30, 2010

    det er simpelthen så sjovt med jeres terminer! Fantastiske maver! håber alt går godt!

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    Maria Ana January 30, 2010

    This is so cute. As the due dates are so close it would be nice to be the same day. Big parties:)

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    Sigga January 30, 2010


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    Alice January 31, 2010

    How cute! As least you know your baby will grow up having a cousin to play with! :)

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    Dotti January 31, 2010

    Pictures like that always make me want to touch the belly. ;)

    P.S. By the way: I’ve tagged you. I’m a little curious.

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    katrina January 31, 2010

    what coincidence. :) will you both deliver at the same hospital?

    you sister’s tunic is adorable. great pattern and colors.

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    cabrizette February 2, 2010

    Incredible !!! You are both so sweet…

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    trinsch February 3, 2010

    how amazing is that! so lucky you are to be able to share this with each other. and the picture is too cute :)

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    maria February 4, 2010

    big congratulations!! what a sweet picture of you two:) must be great to be pregnant at the same time!

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    kaylovesvintage February 6, 2010

    wonderful photo

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    Lotte February 15, 2010

    hihi…hvor er I søde :) Begge maver er bare lige som de skal være…:)

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    A closer view « Brinja April 1, 2010

    […] three are celebrating Easter and each-other for a while forward. Oh, and we are so exited to meet Vilja’s cousin soon she can arrive every day […]

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