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Thank you for all your help

Are things better now? I have tried to re-do some of my css. But I still don’t really know what the problem was/is…

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend all around the world!!! -aren’t blogland just the greatest?


  1. Reply
    Iris Vank June 3, 2011

    Yes, all better now!

  2. Reply
    judy June 3, 2011

    everything ok now :)

  3. Reply
    ne June 3, 2011

    the design is great but the picture is blurry!

  4. Reply
    Molly June 3, 2011

    Alt er fint nu :)

  5. Reply
    Chisa June 4, 2011

    If the picture is supposed to be blurry, everything is fine now!

    Greetings from Germany.

  6. Reply
    sigga June 4, 2011

    Hurra det virkede!!!!!

  7. Reply
    sigga June 4, 2011

    Hurra, det virkede!!!
    Godt gået

  8. Reply
    sigga June 4, 2011

    Går ud fra at det er meningen at du har postet et uskarpt billede dog?

  9. Reply
    brinja June 4, 2011

    Yep! the picture are suppose to be blurry :) I’m so glad to have things back to normal again!!!!

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