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The kids were watching Michael from the window this morning. feeding birds outside. We’ve had snow -and our surrounding reflects the most beautiful pure light.


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    Meri February 3, 2015

    The first two pictures of your kids look so serene and magical. :-)
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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    Celena February 3, 2015

    I love, love, love the first picture of your two! To be honest, though, I have enough of snow :( Hope, at least, you are enjoying it ;)xox

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      Brinja February 12, 2015

      we only had a week with snow so I didn’t get to that point. But I KNOW the feeling :)

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    Marine February 4, 2015

    Lucky you! I’m desperately waiting for some snow here in London…
    Sweet pictures.

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      Brinja February 12, 2015

      hope you’ve got it?

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    Ageeth February 4, 2015

    Snow has something magical, like the whole world is stilled and only your own world exists (and the birds).
    Your pictures show that exactly.

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      Brinja February 12, 2015

      yeah.. :-)

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    Valerie February 4, 2015

    Like everyone I love the pictures of Vilja & Kornelius ! Those looks… And the snow/sea is a dreamlike vision. Enjoy the winter days with family and birds.

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    janine February 4, 2015

    wow, that first picture! it is magical indeed!
    makes me want to take close-ups from our children immediately :-)

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      Brinja February 12, 2015

      thank you :)

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    Stephanie Koster February 4, 2015

    I love the place you life. What a freedom ♡

    kind regards,


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      Brinja February 12, 2015


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    Katie February 17, 2015

    Beautiful photos, beautiful post! <3

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      Brinja February 17, 2015

      :-) thank you

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