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Did I ever tell you that Tivoli was where Michael and I first met. He has been running a Halloween and Christmas shop in Tivoli for 8 years in a row. I was there for the first time last Christmas and this year we run 1 shop together.

Things have been turned upside down around here during this last year. I still can’t wrap my head around how fast things have changed… But I am a happy Brinja and It feels great to be back in Tivoli!


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    Celena October 26, 2013

    Wow! It looks like your store is doing really well! A lot has happened in the past year for you all…. glad you are enjoying the ride ;) What kind of shop did Michael have before?

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      Brinja October 28, 2013

      :-) Michael had a Hat, gloves and scarves shop!

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        Celena October 28, 2013

        Boy, you two go together well ;)

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    Pati October 26, 2013

    Everything is written in the stars … Apparently it’s supposed to be. You and Michael are meant to be together :)Good luck :).

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    Esther October 26, 2013

    All good things go fast. You don’t have time to think it over and just follow your heart. And that’s the best way to live! (BTW: you really need to update your ‘ME-page’…;-))))

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    Rosalie October 29, 2013

    Beautiful lights!

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