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Tuesday morning

Usually I’m the one who  takes pictures around here, therefore I’m rarely on any of them! -Here’s one Anders took this morning.

-Wonder if Vilja will grow freckles like mummy some day?


  1. Reply
    Anne-Marie June 29, 2010

    Skønt udtryk og skønne fregner :-)

  2. Reply
    Shamini June 29, 2010



  3. Reply
    lins June 30, 2010

    love this photo!

  4. Reply
    Jane June 30, 2010

    I love the look on Vilja’s face!

  5. Reply
    Nadine June 30, 2010

    I really love her face(s), i guess you have loads of fun with her ;)

  6. Reply
    Maria Ana June 30, 2010

    Just adorable! And I’m so jealous of your freckles! I have much less…snif!

  7. Reply
    Brit June 30, 2010

    So cute! Let’s hope she gets tons of freckles! :) Yours are gorgeous!

  8. Reply
    sasa June 30, 2010

    lovely photo…
    I love freckles! i’m also proud owner of some:)

  9. Reply
    Nienke June 30, 2010

    That face! :-)

    MAKE someone, anyone, take pictures of you and her and the three of you together. You will want to have at least some pictures of you as a mom.
    (Same ‘problem’ here. I will never occur on pictures unless I use the autotimer. ;-))

    • Reply
      brinja July 1, 2010

      Nienke: You are so very right! I’m on it right away :)

  10. Reply
    irene June 30, 2010

    your freckles are nice and the picture is great :)

  11. Reply
    Stephanie ;) July 1, 2010

    such a cute expression! :)

  12. Reply
    Janneke July 1, 2010

    Haha beautiful freckels :-)

  13. Reply
    Sigga July 5, 2010

    Jeg er vild med fregner og jer!!!

  14. Reply
    ANNA July 17, 2010

    these days my face is looking the same :D yipp yipp redheads!! ^^

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