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Vacation mood

Summer is finally here and Copenhagen is steamingly hot . With Anders at home, Vilja around and the shop being taking care of ,  it is time for me to have some time off. I’m gonna slow down and get in vacation mood. All the summer plans we’ve made during spring is ready to be put to live. I have decided to tune down on blogging for a while meaning the posts won’t come as frequent as they do now. Surely I’ll stop by once in a while (I can’t help it, I’m hooked) to let You all know how things are.


  1. Reply
    Anne-Marie July 12, 2010

    Sikke en sød bagside på Vilja…de er bare for cute de der “Calypso-trusser”…og små pufærmer…nåhhhh

  2. Reply
    heodeza July 12, 2010

    Have a wonderful summer, brinja! I hope the sun and heat stay for long, and that you have a beautiful vacation.

  3. Reply
    Jane July 12, 2010

    Have fun on your vacation! You will have a marvelous time, I am sure!

  4. Reply
    Maria Ana July 12, 2010

    Enjoy your time off :)
    beijinhos (kisses in portuguese)

  5. Reply
    Brit July 13, 2010

    Great to hear! :) Enjoy your time off!!

  6. Reply
    Katrine Ny July 13, 2010

    Rigtig god sommer herfra også! Nyd det. (Og sikken sej bluse Vilja har på her! :)

  7. Reply
    Stéphanie July 13, 2010

    Enjoy your time off Brinja !

  8. Reply
    bobbi July 13, 2010

    Good plan, enjoy your summer!

  9. Reply
    Saskia July 13, 2010

    Enjoy your vacation and have a great summer (and still, I’m looking forward to posts from you;))!!

  10. Reply
    Myriam July 13, 2010

    I really do love your blog :)
    Have a nice summer vacation with your family.

  11. Reply
    lins July 14, 2010

    We’re addicted, too! Happy Summer!

  12. Reply

    what a cool pair you are, mother and daughter! :)

    have a wonderful holiday.

  13. Reply
    Sigga July 14, 2010


  14. Reply
    Emma July 16, 2010

    Have a nice holiday!

  15. Reply
    irene July 16, 2010

    enjoy your vacation – i’m looking forward to reading from you again :)

  16. Reply
    cabrizette July 17, 2010

    Have fun and enjoy your vacation time with family !!!

  17. Reply
    gracia July 19, 2010

    Your recent posts make me feel like I am on summer hols too. Keep having fun… and brightening my winter.

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