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Stillinge strand

Stillinge strand Stillinge strand

nr 8

Stillinge strand cherry field

1.Morning in the kitchen. Kornelius wakes up the whole family early   2-3.SPRING   4.this little handcart and I run back and forth from one end of the garden to the other many times a day   5.coffee brake in the sun   6.the old parking lot / now upcoming garden.


  1. Reply
    Justyna March 19, 2015

    Beautiful, peaceful pictuers. Fingers crosssed for your cherries.
    We’re going to plant gooseberry, red and blackcurrant on our allotment :).

  2. Reply
    brooke March 19, 2015

    All those cherry trees, so exciting! That is a great size for a garden plot. I cannot believe you already have leaves there, here in Canada the snow and ice rinks are just melting.

  3. Reply
    Gaby March 20, 2015

    I have found your blog recently and find it very inspiring. I wish you all the best and lot of of luch for your plans and family.
    A new follower from London,Gaby

  4. Reply
    nurse martens March 20, 2015

    Micheal is building a palace for you! It looks like he is always busy around the house :-)

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