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Winter shorts

I have been wearing shorts a lot lately. They kind of make me look like a little boy, but I don’t find that too bad.

They are thick, woollen and high waisted (and from my shop)

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    orangeplayt November 4, 2011

    I love wintershorts and like wearing my grey-patterned shorts with turtle-neck sweaters.:)

  2. Reply
    Weighting For Mr. RightFiona November 4, 2011

    They are also gorgeous!! I’m jealous!


  3. Reply
    lina November 4, 2011

    nice! & i really like that cardigan you are wearing with the shorts : )

  4. Reply
    CHar November 4, 2011

    I really like shorts in the winter…my old Art teacher in Spain used to wear shorts in the Winter with tights all the time.

  5. Reply
    lins November 4, 2011

    I LOVE this trend but I can’t carry it off. One of the only trends I have had to bypass, and it KILLS me because I think it’s SOOO cute! So wear it while you can, young ones! 8p I did try a few years ago but the brass ring and reality have passed me by, I’m afraid. I do linger over wool shorts whenever I see them, though… I felt the same way when I realized I had outgrown my tricycle and dolls. LOL (I don’t think they are childish, just I’m TOO OLD!!!)

  6. Reply
    lins November 4, 2011

    boo hoo hoo sniffle sniffle (I scrolled up again!) 8(

  7. Reply
    Mariana November 5, 2011

    Nice shorts! And the cardigan looks nice and warm, too! :)

  8. Reply
    nielsekr November 5, 2011

    I like!

  9. Reply
    Barbara November 6, 2011

    wow, lovely outfit, great colors, specially for this season. I also love wearing woolen shorts in the winter :)

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