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Wonder what she’s thinking?


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    Sarah May 8, 2010

    This is such a funny facial expression ;).

  2. Reply
    Brit May 9, 2010

    How funny! YES, Im wondering what she’s thinking!

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    lisa kjellerød May 9, 2010

    Bless her! Vilja looks like she has seen something shocking! Love the hands too!

  4. Reply
    heodeza May 9, 2010

    I think she just realized it was going to be Mothers’ Day in less than 24hours and she didn’t have a present ready yet!
    Hehehe… Happy Mothers’ Day, brinja!

    • Reply
      brinja May 9, 2010

      Hedoza: Ha ha ha, you might be right :) Thanks!

  5. Reply
    Maria Ana May 9, 2010

    She is so cute I just melted! Her look is so funny and her clothes adorable:-) She might be thinking about her surroundings: colours, sounds, voices. Too much information!

  6. Reply
    Emilia/PROVINS May 9, 2010

    Ha ha Hun tænker nu laver jeg lige et tosset ansigt så min mor stopper med at fortografere mig:-)

    • Reply
      brinja May 9, 2010

      Emilia: hihi, ja sikkert! :)

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    Nadine May 10, 2010

    Oh really, it was your first Mothers ‘Day =) Gratulations!!

    I love her colorful dresses. Have you made them all by yourself?

  8. Reply
    Natalia May 10, 2010

    O, she is so cute and lovely here! Don’t know, what she had seen, but definitely she was very surprised at that :).

  9. Reply
    Emma May 10, 2010

    Oh elle est trop belle, I think she is thinking what a wonderful blog her mother has! Emma à paris :-)

  10. Reply
    Ioewe May 10, 2010

    She reminds me of my sister when she was baby. :)

  11. Reply
    Ma life à moi May 12, 2010

    She’s lovely and her dress too!

  12. Reply
    Saskia May 15, 2010

    Vilja is really a lovely baby! Such a funny face! :)

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